Mission / Vision / Valeurs


Mission/ Vision / Values

Since his foundation in 2007, DIESEL CR the small business of the beginning became in 7 years a recognized force in the environment of the distribution of pieces of trucks and of Diesel tanks in the east of the Quebec.

DIESEL CR is a company that distinguishes itself competition for we offer worn pieces of quality almost in mint condition and this, to very reasonable prices and underneath the concurence.

DIESEL CR is proud of these beginnings and the future announces itself promising. We have a clear idea of our reason to be, of our direction and means to take to attain our objectives.

The future of our DIESEL CR itself support on a clear mission: we form a solid team and we are there to serve our customers of the best possible manner in the respect and dignity.

To the pleasure of done business with you.

The direction.

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Warehouse at Manseau : 435 rue St-Albert (Appointment only)

Point of service at Lévis and Val-Alain

For question, call or send us an email at 418-929-3010 or info@dieselcr.net